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Here's some messages set in from our family in Tennessee...



Submitted  |  July, 2009

Family Member:   TN001


Living in Nashville, and well, this part of the country you always here about good BBQ.  I love to eat - that’s no surprise to my friends and family - so I have tried many of the great bbq eats here in Tennessee.  Recently, I was able to travel on a business trip with Dell. Oh man, was I excited - "I am going to Austin Texas" and the food stories were amazing. The more I thought about it the more excited I became..."Daddy needs a gold fork for the food he will eat."...


I arrive and immediately begin tasting the normal TexMex, pluckers and Whataburger - all of them great food - but not much like the eats in Tennessee. Finally, on the last day of our training session, we were told that we were going to need a place to chill because we're about to be too full to do anything else....we were told to follow the leader (for about 20 minutes) to a small, peaceful, Mayberry-type town. Taylor, Texas...umm, I could get use to living in a place that carries my last name! Anyway, we pull up and it's this older-style building with a nice wood-smoke smell. I first thought...heh, some ma and pa place...little did I know I had another thing coming.


We walk in, get a nice, BIG glass of lemonade, walk to the counter and behind it sits these very nice meat mounds of Brisket, Pork Ribs and Sausage. My tummy immediately began growling! I ordered all 3 meats and My Goodness, what a plate of meat!  The nice lady asked if I cared for any sides but I said...oh no that’s...that's it for me.


We sat down and began to eat - I was in heaven!  The food was so good, it was like no other taste I have ever had!  Since my return to Nashville, I I came into a conversation about best BBQ.  I said no to all places nominated - I said if you want real BBQ, let's head to Taylor, Texas...Louie Mueller Barbecue.


Thanks for the food and the memories of my trip to Austin.


Warm regards from Tennessee.

Brian Taylor






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