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"Mueller BBQ Hit Texas Monthly Top 5, Again"

      | | Jason Schaefer


“Reputation makes or breaks a cult beer”

      | | Tom Feran


“Sampling Texas' finest barbecue with Jane and Michael Stern”

      | | Jane and Michael Stern


“Barbecue Basics Where to find the best little 'cue houses in Texas”

      | | Rob Walker



“Stalking 4-Star Barbecue In the Lone Star State”

      | | Steven Raichlen



“Louie Mueller Barbecue - Taylor, TX”

      | | Beth Wade



“Great Texas Barbecue Tour-Day 2”

      | | Tom Ryder



“In heart of Austin's barbecue country, no two joints taste  same”

      | | Jim Shahin



“Taylor BBQ Joint Named "Best of Texas"

      | | Heidi Zhou



“Food Network Films In Taylor”

      | | Andrea Lorenz



“Central Texas BBQ Dynasties”

      | | M. M. Pack



“Day Trips”

      | | Gerald E. McLeod



“Our Top Barbecue Joints in Texas”

      | | Joe Williams and Mike McGuff



Louie Mueller Barbecue Reviews"

      | | Michael Stern



“Best of the Best”

      | | Joe Nick Patoski



“Driving Tours | Hot Texas BBQ”

      | | Staff



“Central Texas Barbecue Guide-Playing Favorites”

      | | Dale Rice



“Frommer's | Austin Local Cuisine”

      | | Staff



“Barbecue-A Texas Love Story”

      | | Chris Elley



“Mueller's Barbeque in Taylor, Texas”

      | | Granny Geek



“Eat, drink & be wary: November 1”

      | | KVUE News



“Austin Barbecue Restaurants”

      | | Staff



“WiFi+BBQ. Like A Minister in a Whorehouse”

      | | Jeff Goldman



“ Overall Ranking”

      | | Staff



“All the BBQ Joints in All the World”

      | | SauceHead



“Louie Mueller Barbecue – Taylor, TX - Friday, May 11, 2007”

      | | Staff



“Louie Mueller BBQ - Reviews”

      | | Staff



“In Taylor, A Legend's Still Smoking”

      | | Dale Rice



“Real Barbeque.  What It Is and Where To Get It”

      | | Sam Gugino



“XL Cover Story: The Eatin's Just Begun... A Look At the Three

    Most Well-Known Names in Central Texas Barbecue”

        | | Dale Rice






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